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Text for Page 126 [06-17-1850]

  18. Tuesday.   Dante drawing.   Evening with Mr Hart and Ma
pother to the �Vanguard� there to see Steward �Jerry.�   Then to Battery.
Horrible indigestion.	    (Called at National each evening to see Chaupau ).
  19. Wednesday. Finished the Dante drawing.    Left note at Badean�s,
and at Bar-room for Chaupau; � brief, broiling walk.      Evening after
going, and in vain, to the National, with Mr Hart and Mapother to the
Battery.   Royal joined us � top of Rabineaus; � brandy punch and
cigar.  At the �Partridge� subsequently.
  20. Thursday.  Left two copies of �Mose� for Chaupau at Reillys.
Drawing.      Old Mr Kent, my first acquaintance, when here arriving,
leaves, and is, of course, cheated by the fat, sniffling she-bully boarding-
house mistress.
  21. Friday.  To Badean�s, where after waiting at the hotel some twenty
minutes he came.  Dunned him doggedly and determinately.   To the Era
Office.  Picton and his confrere. Editorial ballyragging and blackguardizing one
another.  To Wall Street, then returned.      Bathe and doze en afternoon.
Evening Battery and Rabineau�s with Mr Hart.  Cigars and contem-
plation.	/	Rich sentence altered by Picton in our morning�s
talk.      The topic was Nationality. �Yes� quoth he �there, its al-
ways a safe thing to wrap the Star-spangled Banner round you, lie
down on your a_e ; and yell!�
  22. Saturday.   Determined on a trip to Boston, so took a 
morning�s walk along the North River with Mr Hart.    Witnessed the               
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