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Text for Page 130 [08-02-1855]

after an hour or so, leave Conworth in charge of traps, and start
off to Canal Street, there finding little Mrs Dobson ventilating
herself at early morning and the area-gate.     I make an irruption
into a boarder�s room, and learn Alf Waud�s address, thence towards
it, (looking in at old 290 Broadway, seeing Murtough the porter,
and Wurzbach, who has Swinton�s room, � he or rather his two pren-
tices being up in my old Cock-loft, which Banks has deserted,) to
Fulton Street.     The place is in, or beside the �Sun building� over Sut-
tons, the printers, its entrance very like some Thames Street ware-
house, with a yawning hatchway and indefended staircases.   Here,
up-stairs, in a lengthy, one-windowed room, I found Alf and his
brother Will, Waud.   (Alf and Sol Eytings have the room in con-
junction.)    I got a demi-glad-to-see-you welcome, borrowed Will Waud
and to the steamer again, after we three had breakfasted together.
Leaving him on guard, I got Conworth�s things passed, carman &c,
and took �em to the Albany boat office &c, thence to Wall Street,
and to 290 Broadway.    Saw Myers, took room under my old one,
to ship again (meeting Powell, and afterwards Swinton,) by the way.
Got things toted up, fixing up matters &c all the afternoon. Dined
at Goslings, (meeting Creecy there.)     To the Albany boat, there
meeting Stansfield, Newcombe, the Pinegers &c, and saw Conworth
off fairly, for Canada.    At our parting, he wanted �to give me some-
thing for my trouble,� and commenced pulling at something green, a
purse or bag ��� !           Sol Eyting and Will Waud up in the
evening, looking over the books I have got for Swinton.
  {3. Friday       Hither and thither.   Have seen Banks, Haney,
  4. Saturday}       and Levison.   The former has a good berth in               
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