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Text for Page 127 [06-22-1850]

              departure of the Viceroy, Mapother meeting us there.   Back through
Nassau Street.    To Chamber Street for key of carpet-bag.   Dinner.
Then to Christopher Street.  Then stuffing carpet bag, bathing, dressing and
hurrying until nigh 5, at which time down to the Pier and aboard, Mr
Hart �seeing me off.�  Plenty of wind, more than needful.   Fraternized
with a young American-Irishman, returning to Boston,(he having accor-
ding to his own account been on an extensive �batter� during the past week,
in the Empire City.     Up the East River, Hell Gate with its archipe-
lago of Rocks; Blackwells Island, the �Sand� innumerable other islands, channels, 
villas, trees, sloping banks, all solitary and lonely enough to the view,
driving wind, with once a sunburst through the slate-hued clouds.     Talk
with a well spoken nigger on abolition and Liberia.     Cigar.  Growing
dull went inside.  Lay down on huge piles of leather smelling like a hun-
dred shoemakers shops, dose by the furnace.     Supper bell � folks 
all devouring below, didn�t join �em, though hungry.  Uneasy doze on the
hides, engine crashing, shrieking and palpitating at my back.  An hour
or so; � got some provant.         Then leather couch again, with al-
ternate perambulations �bout the boat.         Past midnight by an hour or more
  23. Sunday.}     and  we take the cars.    On we go, as if harnessed
to a huge stupid ox legged gryphon, snorting and roaring brute indignation
at being in harness.   Little capes, woodland, white new-looking houses,
any amount of water whether dike, ditch or river.   Towns � Worces-
ter, [Nashua?], Framingham (minding one of Shansby in Beazlien times)
Norwich � churches, meeting houses, shanties, wide waste of lands               
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