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Text for Page 135 [08-11-1855]

having obtained my letter, the boys and wagon were not there to re-
cieve me, so I had to walk over.     A neat, white two story buil-
ding has replaced the destroyed one.     The insurance had been neglect-
ed by Mr Alcock and his lawyer, in whose hands the papers had
been placed.  He has rebuilt it, has a heavy law suit on hand
about the sale of his business.   Mary Anne, by her husbands wish, has
written to my father asking for $500.  Had they then been
aware of the death of Mr Greatbatch�s mother, that letter would
have been spared.
  12. Sunday.   Only alloyed by mosquito bites and having to
get up by 6.
  13.  Monday.  Return to New York in the afternoon.  Met
Clarence Eytinge.     To Canal Street bootmakers, and Banks, (for
my pictures.)    He looked in my room later.               I met Dana
on Saturday morning last, who spoke highly of Boutcher�s letters.
I�ve been in the �Times� Office, and had a gossip with Tuttle.
  14. Tuesday.   To the Picayune Office in the afternoon, where
I found Alf Waud and Haney.     Out with the latter, to the Five
Points Mission house &c, then to my room; where swinging in the
Liberian-made hammock, he had the tchibouque and a talk.     In
the evening with him, the Wauds, Sol Eytinge and Damoreau to
the Jersey city bath.   Alf leaving us subsequently, (for Communi-
paw,)  we returned to New York and Haner�s, where were Banks
and O�Mana, the former of whom cleared out on seeing Haney
and Sol Eytinge, with whom he�s a feud.
  15.  Wednesday.  Unwell, both in mind and body.   I�ve nought
to do, (Levison�s at Newport for a week,)  have a temporary diarrhea,               
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