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Text for Page 137 [08-18-1855]

with the latter, then the Post Office, anon to Waud�s.  Found the
brothers twain, Sol, and another, (Arnold whom I had met in
Nassau St accompanied me.)     There the greater part of the afternoon,
anon to the Pic office, and to my own.     Alf came, and stayed
an hour telling me more of his affair, and his plans for the future,
involving change of name and personal disguise.      To Haneys &
with him to Parton�s, where we stayed till 11.   I like this Par-
  19. Sunday. Doing chores till 1. Banks rushed up tempo-
rarily, wishing me �to go over to Hoboken to see the gypsies.�   /   Dined
and up-town to Haney�s & Levison�s boarding house.     Alternately
in their rooms, Mrs Levison being present, with her daughter.  Ha-
ney accompanyed me to Partons, he not being within, we parted at
Canal Street, and I to my room, and writing.
  20. Monday.  Drawing; within doors all day.  Banks,
Fogg, and Parton called, the latter in the afternoon, when I
had an hours talk with him.  We spake of books, authorcraft,
ourselves, our business in this life, of Chapin, and much of Christ-
ianity.   He is a thin, gentlemanly, earnest looking young man, of
no small intellect, and worth, I believe.                    Will Waud
up in the evening, anon Alf and Damoreau.   The last na-
med having forsworn smoking, (thereto induced by his wife, (who
detests the herb Nicotina,) under cover of a fear that indulgence
in it will induce consumption, � (Selfishness masking itself with
the guise of affection;) � here broke his pledge with my tchibouque.
Alf dozed in the hammock, and we three talked.   Anon, at
11 for a Broadway glass of lager.               
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