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Text for Page 138 [08-21-1855]

  21.  Tuesday.  Down town at noon. To Fulton Street,
the Picayune Office & Wells & Webb�s for blocks.     Evening
at Banks, commencing learning French under his instruction.
  22. Wednesday.  Drawing, to dinner at Grand Street.
Banks up at noon, Alf Waud & Clarence Eytinge at 6.
An evening walk to Canal Street, thence to the Battery, which
for the present, (and perchance for ever,) has lost all its old beauty;
mud and dirt heaps, piles and inclosures marring everything.
Lonely and matagrabolized.
  23. Thursday.   Thunder, lightning & rain, the latter
almost continuous all day.   Out only for meals.   Webb called,
and spake of Welden�s recent accident.  A circular iron plate
on the side walk, being unsecured gave way beneath him, precipating
him half down it, and doing internal injury to the bladder. B
Banks up, at noon.                     I�ve this day finished Parton�s
Life of Greeley.   Wrote to Barth.
  24.  Friday.  Made a drawing on wood.  Down town,
and to the Rainbow, calling on Welden.  He lay alone in an up-
per room, weak, but not in present pain, though the injury is severe
and will be felt all his life-time.     He has, to-day, commenced on
action for damages, laying them at $10,000.     Dr Tuttle came
up.   Welden employed me as  amanuensis to a lady-friend.         To
the Picayune Office, Levison & Haney there.   Sold two cuts,
got $5,,50/100, (the first money I�ve earned since my leaving New
York a year ago.)     With Haney dined at Frankerhoffs, then
I to the Post Office, getting a letter from Dillon.     Subsequently
with Levison, Haney, the Wauds & Sol Eytinge, to Jersey, there               
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