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Text for Page 141 [08-31-1855]

  31.  Friday.  To the Picayune Office, the Fulton Street
one, Weldens, the Post Offie &c.    Returning at 4, Fogg cal-
led.   He�s about to start for England by a sailing vessel.   Creecy
up; talks of going to New Orleans.
  1. Saturday.  Writing.   Banks rushing up with the infor-
mation that he has a fortnight�s holiday, and designs a visit to the
Catskills; we dined together at Grand Street.     I to the Pica-
yune Office in the afternoon.  The day a wet one.
  2  Sunday.  With Banks to Hoboken, and during a rain sho-
wer encountered Mc Lenan in the Atlantic garden, (Banks remain-
ing behind, having at a former period borrowed $1 of him, which
hadn�t been repaid.)         I called on Charles subsequently.  He
talked of Powell, and said that if that many-dodged one were to
devote half the ability expended in indirect ways to a strait line of
conduct he might have achieved something.     The Reveille &c became
defunct last autumn.            An Elysian fields walk, the rain having
cleared off.  I dull and headachy, having had scarcely an hours
sleep on the preceeding night,  �(lying thinking,) and Banks� talk
bordering on a nuisance.   He is loud, opinionative, self-willed and
coarsely egotistic now, sometimes almost unendurable.         Back
by 4 & I to my room and an hours sleep, then to the Rainbow
and spent the evening with Welden.     Returning I had partially
undressed when W Waud, Damoreau and Sol Eyting called in.
  3.  Monday.     Alf up.   Talk of his affair, and plans. He
tells me Levison entertaining the notion that my �abolition� cuts of               
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