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Text for Page 143 [09-06-1855]

who passes through New York on his way to the inevitable Cat-
skills.           Out with Sol, W Waud and Wood for an un-
successful dinner, and lager after.        To Fulton Market for
oysters as amends, and to Strong�s, who has returned from
the Cape Race-telegraph-laying excursion which has had him for
the last month.       He gave me a hearty reception, and paid for
the cuts taken by Gayler.     A call on Welden, then to my room
and writing.        By 8 the Wauds and Sol came up, but went
on their way to Haneys, I following when I had finished No 2
of my �Pen scratches,� with intent to subsequently visit Parton.
But the fellows were engaged with Scheidam Schapps, and smoke,
and Levison coming up was chaffed in such a ridiculous manner
by Sol and Alf, (both playing drunk in doing it,)  as the Echtor
of the sanguinary Picayune, that �twas over late when we left.
Furthermore Alf made an apparently unprovoked assault upon a
vulgar looking little man, who in Mercer street was half talking
to a harlot, chased him into the road and pitched into him, he
roaring for the police, finally depositing him, by a blow in the
abdomen on a door stoop.     It was a most absurdly effective
business, and we learnt after that Alf had known the individual
at Dobs, where he had deserved this.  But it was not admirable.
   7. Friday.  Up town in the genial, sunny delicious mor-
ning to Parton, remaining with him for the greater part of the
day.     My scribblings which, at his request, I read to him, he
warmly commended, and doubts not that the Life Illustrated will
buy �em.     We talked of Washington Irving, Willis, �Fanny
Fern,� men, nationality and books.     There was, some part               
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