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Text for Page 147 [09-15-1855]

in the afternoon.  Up town, dining with him subsequently,
on our way looking in at Scheffers exquisite picture.      A
pleasant evening with Parton, discussing book projects and the
world around us, Haney joining us at 8 or so.     These
hours with Parton are the best pleasures I have now.
     I want a letter from Hannah.
  16.  Sunday.  A dampish dull one.  Dining at Goslings
I met Hosmer, the Carson�s League editor I saw at the
Catskills in July 1854.   He appeared the same hard-souled
logical, temperate, opinionated unlikeable man as then, and was
full of projects of newspaper &c enterprise.   For an hour or so
we sat conversing on Stewart�s steps, then parting, I to
the Fulton Street Office.   The Wauds & Sol there, all with
the partial exception of Alf loafing.   Joining in it, I stayed
till 6, then, supping to my solitary room.  Writing.
  17.  Monday.  Parton up.   Writing, �Pen Scratches.�  To
Waverly Place, and Parton in the evening, talking of a book
we are about to compile, for Mason, his publishers �The Comic
poets of England� inclusive of selections from �Punch.� Returning
down Broadway at 11 I met � Whitelaw!    From Waud
I had learnt of his having been in New York, and calling upon
him antecedent to my arrival, but knew not his address.   He
came hither in June, by the St Louis, which I had intended
should have borne me hither, and had so informed him, before the
receipt of Boutcher�s letter delayed my departure.   Whitelaw
had intended to have surprised me by appearing at Southampton on
board the same vessel.     He has control over a Broadway estab-               
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