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Text for Page 149 [09-18-1855]

and with the M.S taking it for publication to Mason, Stringer
and Townsend, or others.    I know �twill pay.    Only introductory
Chapter, as in the Lantern, done, at present.
  Writing Story of melodrama interest, � title �My Friend who was
Hanged.�   One Chapter written, and the whole plot elaborated.
  Getting out a �Catskill Guide Book� in company with Waud.
Necessity of a visit there, a weeks close writing, and Waud having
fixedness of purpose in doing drawings, and money to go thither.  Nothing
else will prevent it.    I think that well.
  Lastly, my own long the night of and matured Story, in which
will put all I know, or the best of it.   I have now a title for
it �  �The Old Love and the New.�    Three Chapters done, and the
whole plot and plan completed full a year ago.       All the other pro-
jects but one means to get $ to carry out this.   Let me get $500
or so, and I�ll persistently keep to my book till tis done.
  I�m economizing now.  Fifty cents a day keeps me in food.  I�m
all alone, and think much of my mother and Hannah.    I�m
very lonely, now.     This might, a year agone, and I was sleep-
ing for the first time (of my return,) beneath the Chacombe roof.
A contrast now!  Near midnight, rain outside, a wearied brain
and a couch on the floor.    Well! God give me a home, someday!
  19.  Wednesday.  Writing closely till sunset, Banks up, and
in the middle of the day Waud.  With him to Fulton Market,
there to dine on a shillings worth of roast oysters.  A walk to the Bat-
tery subsequently.     Haney up at 6.   In the evening visited White-
law and his wife at 204 Spring Street, and an hour later Haneys.
Sat with him awhile, called unsuccessfully at Partons, then after a sober               
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