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Text for Page 150 [09-19-1855]

mug of Lager beer parted.
  20.  Thursday.  A cold sunny morning, and a letter
from Hannah.   Writing all day till evening.  To the Fulton
Street office awhile.   Finished Parisian letters.     Welden called,
with the intelligence that Stringer & Townsend had intimated their
willingness to publish my book, when completed, bidding him �use his
influence� to have it brought to them.  He tells me to go ahead with
it, read one Chapter & approved.     Parton called.
  21.  Friday.  Writing to my mother.
  22.  Saturady.  Writing.
  23.  Sunday. Up town to Partons.  Read French M.S.
Dined with him, then selecting, scissoring &c for our book of the Comic
poets till 4.   Haney up.  Parton off to his relatives, where after
supping at the Delancy house, Haney and I joined him.  Many
visitors there, some twenty I should think,  Parton�s mother and fat-
her in law among them.   Thus till 10, then a walk round Wash-
ington square, and parting.
  24. Monday.  Writing to Hannah.  Down town, calling
at Avery�s, from whom I had recieved a note, to Fulton Market,
Post Office and the Waud & Eytinge Office.     The triumvirate
were loafing in Brown the Lithographer�s adjacent room, he swing-
ing in hammock, Alf turning over lithographs, Will �reducing� a picture
by squares, and Sol with unkempt hair and desultory appearance.
The smaller Waud too has demided himself of his hyperionic whiskers,
retaining only moustache and tuft, and now looks like a dapper French-
man.          Writing all the evening.
  25. Tuesday.  Banks, Haney, & Welden up successively,               
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