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Text for Page 129 [06-24-1850]

              (where the late cruel murder occurred) � the prison �(where the
�respectable� murderer awaits his doom.) � East Boston, � Chelsea,
Cambridge � the distant sea.              Descended, and a walk over to
Charlestown.   12 1/2 cents payment and I ascend the 295 steps in the
Bunker Hill Monument.   Another glorious panorama, lit up by
the glorious God-like June sun in all its beauty.     Boston has less
trees about and within it than either New York or Philadelphia; the
streets are more curvy; � houses mostly red brick with slate roofs �
here and there a very white timber one;  � green blinds, chapels
and meeting houses innumerable.   Water here there and everywhere
the city, though a peninsula looks like an island.   Long wharfs run-
ning out in every direction, red funnel of English mail steamer,
(Aha old England! God�s blessing on thee!) � white sail out at sea,
� city all so clean and quiet that I scarce could think Want and Po-
verty could harbour there. 	A happy hour there, not without thoughts
of her I am away from, and love dearly.	    Back discursively to 
Morton place.   Supped; then after a New York Herald read, took a
moonlight walk.   Mid the shipping, and by the Custom house. The
City most quiet and orderly by night � no reeking cellar-saloons, &
for aught I saw, no perambulating Raphians.     Back about 9,
and a talk with a Bath-born Briton over a jug of ale, then ascent,
scoring up chronicle, and ere long bed.
  25  Tuesday. Out canvassing again.   Delivered Mayalls intro-               
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