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Text for Page 152 [09-29-1855]

upon an engagement with Williams & Stephens, the frame makers,
decorators &c, to superintend and control a new establishment.
He�s to have $1500 a year, and five per cent on all he makes.
Out with him, parting in Centre Street, then to my room.   Could
not write or draw, or do anything.   Miserable as ever.
  30.  Sunday.  Dined at Ittners, then by 2 to Parton.   All
the afternoon at our compilation, going through Cowper, Thomson,
Lamb &c, till Haney came.     I & he supped at the Turkish
�Kahve�, and then joined Parton at his relatives, the Edwards�.
Stayed till 10 �, then parted, I with the �Newcomes,� complete, (of
Partons.)     Haney�s a kindly little man, in addition to his shrewd
good sense.     I told him a little of my nervous disorder, and he
wanted to know if I was short of money.     A rainy night.
  1. Monday.   A pitilessly drizzling day, sans intermission.
Drew Avery�s things in the morning, to the Mercantile Library
in the afternoon, there to go over Punch Vol�s for Compilation.
Till 5 � there, got very wet walking back, had tea and toast at
Goslings, then to my room & writing.    I have done, this eve-
ning (upon which I write,) nearly a Chapter of �Boarding House
Phisiology, and trust that the black hour is past.   God grant
  2. Tuesday.  Powell, & an obtrusive companion of his, up for
a call.  Drawing till 1, then to Avery�s with the result, & got
$5.  Fed at Fulton Market, to Post Office & return.   Writing
all the evening.   Rainy night.               
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