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Text for Page 153 [10-03-1855]

  3.  Wednesday.  Fine weather again.  Writing awhile, and by
2, after dining, down town, to Strongs with a drawing I�d done over
night.   Got $3 for it.   Looked in at the Picayune Office, finding
Haney & Levison there, and Sol Eyting at work on a pine board
poster.     To my room.   Waud, (Alf) up,) and Whitelaw. Writing
till 11 �.
  4.  Thursday.   Writing.  Up town in the afternoon, to the
Mercantile, Parton joining me and staying an hour there, I remain-
ning till dusk.  Writing till 1.  Hillard had called during my
  5. Friday. Writing all day.  Alf Waud called, (and Jew
Myers for rent of room.)   Sol Eytinge and the smaller Waud
now lodge up town, at the Bleecker Street boarding house,  Alf
goes regularly to Hoboken, and the Fulton street room is noctur-
nally deserted.
  6. Saturday.  A day of continuous, never-slackening rain. Wri-
ting, making good progress, and having faith in myself.
Parton up in the afternoon, chiefly to bid me to dinner on the
morrow.   At work till 1.
  8 7.  Monday.  Writing till 1.   Banks calling, with him to
Grand Street, and dinner at Ittners, up Broadway to Astor
Place for a walk then back to work.   Mr Greatbatch came at 4,
up for an hour, when Waud & Wurzbach came in.   With the
former to Hoboken, it being a dull, wintry night.   He, Alf, pur-
ports going on to Boston at the latter end of the present week, Da-
moreau having got for him, (through Andrew and Ballou,) the job
of making a birds eye view of the city, for a pictorial.     He wishes               
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