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Text for Page 155 [10-09-1855]

at Bank�s returning, & supped with him & O�Mana, staying
there till 9, then to room & writing till 1 1/2.        Welden was
up yesterday, poking me up, encouragingly anent �Frank Holderness.�
  {10.  Wednesday.       Forenoons, writing, then to the Mercantile Li-
  11. Thursday.}       brary each day.   Parton there once.    Mr Great-
batch called.   A note from Halsted, Canada.     Lonely, anxious,
and overworking myself.
  12.  Friday.  Writing.  A wretchedly wet day.  Commenced
fires, by �going halves� in coals with Wurzbach, buying scuttle &c
  13. Saturday.   Alf up at noon for brief space.   I down town,
to Post Office, Picayune do, dinner, then to the Mercantile.   Saw
Parton momentarily.   Returning down the chilly Broadway at
night met the younger Waud.   He looked small, and chilly.
Found Alf at my door.    He came in, sat an hour or more by
the fire, talking of his �wife� and prospects.   Welden up for
a book.    Both gone, I wrote on till midnight.
  14. Sunday.   A row, gusty, dank, chilly, and occa-
sionally rainy day.  Head achy and rheumatic.   Did chores
till 12, dined at Sweeneys then to Parton�s, with a dull
headache, and weary brain.   Worked awhile.  Haney came,
Parton left.   Wrote till dusk, then with Haney to the Bleeck-
er Street boarding house.   There were, in the basement, Sol Ey-
tinge, the smaller Waud and Wood.   Left at 6 1/2, called
in for half an hour at Whitelaw�s, walked through the rain
and hail to Goslings, took tea, and then to my room, where 
I now write � lonely and sad at heart.    When shall I have
a home?                                           I find by some chance               
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