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Text for Page 159 [10-20-1855]

Parton�s strongly urged with that I should supply an Editorial
for the new volume�s initial number, set to and did it,
ending by 1 o�clock, and feeling (of course,) much the better for
it.    Stirred out, only for meals, and to the Post Office.
  21. Sunday.  To Parton�s all day, working but some
little part of it.     He head-achy and generally indisposed, I much
the same, but better in mind.     Haney came in the evening, on
his way to the Edwards�.     I looked in at the basement in Blee-
cker Street, there finding Sol, W. Waud and Levison, the lat-
ter however soon clearing out.
  22. Monday.   To many stores, up & down town, hunting up
Punch numbers necessary for our compilation.   This all the mor-
ning, and to the Mercantile copying, all the afternoon.
Our work progresses rapidly.      To Whitelaws by 6 1/2, and
had tea with him, staying part of the evening.
  23. Tuesday.  Purchasing incidentals to fires, and tea
concocting, as I�m going to try to effect that meal in doors.
Down town, up town, left books at Whitelaw�s for Mrs W,
to Nagle�s book store, then to Mercantile.   Parton looked in.
Evening contrived a plentiful tea, and wrote till midnight subse-
  24. Wednesday.  In doors writing all day, only turning
out for a meal at 6, breakfasting &c in doors.  Haney
looked in at 1, bringing a note to me, from Alf Waud.
He writes in friendly fashion, tells how it chanced that he got not
off on Thursday morn, and also of a luckless recontre of himself
and �Marie� with the boarding house folks from whose house, she               
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