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Text for Page 160 [10-24-1855]

eloped.     It is fortunate for them that the departure was so
imminent.     Parton up for a brief space in the afternoon.
Writing till 1.
  25. Thursday.  Drew during the morning.  Parton came
in the evening, and also Kelly, Dillon Mapother�s acquaintance.
  26. Friday.  Writing, and searching book-stores, anent com-
pilation.   Meeting an engraver, Baker, (brother to him whom I knew
on my first arrival in New York,) � now in Leslie�s employ, � in at
Wurzbach�s, I in the afternoon, had him bring a note inviting
me to Leslie�s up-town residene, the to join certain artists &c
who proposes to abet him in his new illustrated paper.     Banks
and W Waud up, and Banks again in the evening, � (came for
something, of course.)     Wrote on till 2 i� the morning.
  27. Saturday.  Love and friendship came knocking clamorously
at the door, ere I had arisen, in the shape of a dampish postman,
who brought letters from Hannah, and Boutcher. Hers as kind
and good, and true, as was ever penned by woman. God make me
worthy of her!     His, containing 36 closely written pages, compri-
sing his entire Asiatic experience, in lecture form, for my review-
ing.     Down town during part of the day, feeling most desolately
alone, and thinking incessantly of the past, of home, my mother,
of Chacombe.     At night took the 6th Avenue Cars, and up
to 28th street, where resides Leslie.  It is an unfinished,
remote neighbourhood.  Mc Lenan, Wallin, Hitchcock, Brady
(the photographer,) Baker, and Watson (musical man,) were
there assembled, with others, Leslie acting the host in his usual
feline manner.    They laughed or sat for two hours or so, about               
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