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Text for Page 130 [06-25-1850]

              ductory Bostonian epistle to the partner of the daguerrotypist it was des-
tined for, (he himself being in California.)       Engravers, publishers
and editors.    A Mr J B Hall, printer and projector of a �Firemans
books.�   Informed of a projected �Boston Punch� � endeavour to hunt up
the projectors.         Busy morning.  Back to dinner at 1/2 past 1 �
then dozed all the better part of the afternoon.	After supper a
long five mile walk and back.  Through, and beyond Roxbury,
and along a certain Deadham road.   But for the telegraph wires
now and then skirting the road, I might have been in the heart of dear
old England, so quietly beautiful was the landscape.   Sweet scents on
the air, sweet and peaceful sounds on the ear, and gratitude and
happiness in heart.   Now cordling out the jovial songs of Autolycus �
		�Jog on, jog on, the footpath way ��
now in sober musing as to the future and past.          Returning heard
a queer note of a [word crossed out] tree frog somewhat like a grave sonorous tine from 
dean ; yet more abrupt.   Fireflies in the grass and hedges, and the
broad yellow moon�s glory bringing Homer�s description into mind.
  26. Wednesday. More campaigning mong engravers and Publishers
till noon, then another ascent to the summit of the State House.     A
ramble throughout and around �the Common�.   Dinner, reading and making
�dark night of part of the day�.    Evening off for a walk to Cambridge
Over a quarter-of-a mile-long bridge spanning Charles river; � huge
clouds checquering the sunset, � in shapes like megatherium or itchyo-
saurus or Buckland-knaro-what ante-Adamite reptiles. Old               
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