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Text for Page 162 [10-29-1855]

  29.  Monday.  Drawing during the day, and writing
to Hannah during the evening.
  30.  Tuesday.  Drawing.  Met Parton in the afternoon,
he having returned from a two-days country trip.     Hillard came
up, and presently Whitelaw.  Out with the latter, he speaking
of an architect�s office, where I could sell a book I owned, �Jack-
son�s� specimens.   To the place, then, parting with Whitelaw,
he getting in omnibus to go home, (for he has a wife,)  I to pace
through the park where the sharp wind swept the dead leaves along
viciously, to my room.    Finished letter to Hannah.
  These entries make my heart ache.   How like old hopes �?
Still hoping on!   Oh God, end this weary time, and let me win
that one, true, good, loving Northamptonshire girl.     I am now
all but insane.
  31.  Wednesday.  To Post Office, meeting Whitelaw.  To
Architect�s office, and got $17 for the block.  To Strong�s with
drawings, and then up-town to the Mercantile for books &c Re-
turning found Parton had been, leaving number of �Life Illustrated�
with my first parisian letter in it.       Going over volumes of Swift;
and reading Boutcher�s for emendation.             I�m physically ill,
having frightful neurologic pains about the forehead & back parts of
the head.
  1.  Thursday.  Going through Boutcher�s lecture, and wri-
ting to him all day.   Whitelaw and Parton up for a short
time.     In the evening to Chapin�s church, there to hear Thacke-               
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