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Text for Page 164 [11-03-1855]

lying afar across those three thousand miles of Atlantic water.
Not a spot of it, excepting only cruel London (where I have
ever suffered more than enjoyed,) � but I have kindly thought
of.      How happy could I be in noble, beautiful Oxford, with
some quiet, studious, moderately paid office, and Hannah, kind
earnest eyed Hannah! who loves me � to wife!   With leisure
to put the very best of me into books, I think � I believe, I
could do something the world might be the better for.     Ah!
what peaceful evening walks would we have about those dear En-
glish lanes, what a cheery household, and few choice, life-long
friends to mellow it � Boutcher and kindly George Clarke
might suffice to make residence in England desirable.
  It will never be realized, that air-picture!    Who are you
that you should expect greater happiness than falls to the lot
of others?
  4.  Sunday.  Banks up as I was dressing.   Walked
with him and O�Mana, (whom we joined at Homer�s,) up
town, I leaving them at Bleecker Street, deep in argument
about an �Herald� article reviling Thackeray.    Banks landed
its ability in his usual exaggerated, unconsidered way, �
asserting as won�t that �not half a dozen men in New York
could equal it.� O�Mana took the opposite.   (I afterwards
read over the matter and found it illogical, stupid, malicious,
brutal, mean, and mendacious, in point of composition utterly
contemptible.     I have not overstated this one jot.            To
Partons.  Dined with him, then some work, till a sud-
den and violent toothache compelled him to cease.     I had a               
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