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Text for Page 169 [11-14-1855]

under the title of Doctor Cheeseman�s Female pills � the name being
a plagiarism of that of a well known physician.     The nostrum
was advertised after the usual damnable mode, as not to be
taken by women during pregnancy.  Of course �twas merely Abortion
made easy, and this old, bald sinner, and father of a family
told me in high glee how many �girls in the family way� came
to see the Doctor, � whom he occasionally personated, for a salary
of $10 per week. �You never did see such times,� said he.
�Upon my word the place was nothing better than a brothel.� Hut-
chings too, with his brother &c swindled some Italian of $800.
(�But they always paid me, honorable enough,� quoth Alcock.) Wood-
ward, he heard was on a farm in New Jersey. �He never
comes to New York � don�t dare to, I suppose,� he said.
Bunnell has, after trying-land speculation, i has gone west.
Glover is hardish-up.               I think that the people who
have been connected with the �Picayune� in the way of proprietor-
ship, editorializing &c, have, up to the advent of Haney
been the vilest, most dirty souled knaves conceivable.   Hutchings
and Woodward, founders, Scoville, Harrington, (Vose I only
know of as a fool, but there�s no reason to think him better
than the rest,) Robinson, Glover &c &c       ��   I�ll write
no more about them.                                     A letter from Alf
Waud, containing one for his brother.     He, Alf is at
work for Andrew, drawing the birds eye view of Boston from the
State House cupola.     Damoreau�s wife has not yet joined him,
being says Waud �as full of tantrums as she can be,� and on the
credit of pregnancy drawing all possible money from Charley. �She               
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