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Text for Page 170 [11-14-1855]

got $50 from him, and yet refuses to come.�     Alf says also
that �a doctor supposes Mary in the family way.�          A word
or two of Brightly, who is in Boston, and generally repudiated.
    /     Saw Sol, W. W. and Haney down-town.    By 6
to Grand Street, supping with Banks, he subsequently aiding
me in an English-Spanish dialogue for my story.  He appear-
ed friendly, and to greater advantage than wont, I thought.  This
till 10, then he leaving me at Reade St.                          I don�t sleep
over well o�nights, now; lie listening to the clocks, and think-
ing of much.   What a kind earnest face, was that of yours
Hannah Bennett, and how will I remember its look ��
Ah, my God, � nearly 30, and hoping, only hoping yet �� !
But I will win her !
  15.  Thursday.   A kindly letter from Dillon Mapother,
the which I deserve not, as his last is yet unanswered.     Hart
still an �uncompromising old Bachelor,� spite of rumor to the
contrary.  �Sic transit amor hominum.     Yatman vegetating at
Harrisburgh Pa, wherefrom he writes �a letter speaking in glowing
terms of a beautiful girl with whom he has been out riding.�
Upon which Dillon apotrophiseth �poor Mollie Mc Mullen!�
Down town at dinner. Looked in at Leslie�s two places, but
found him not within.      A sunny, mild day, Glancing at a
Nassau Street print shop window I saw a ^|picture| gave me a sensation
like to a sharp physical pain at the heart.     It was the
London News cut of the funeral of Wellington.    It hung
over the wasling stand in my bed-room at Chacombe, and
every morning I contemplated it.             Writing on, with               
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