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Text for Page 014 [08-05-1849]

              bidding adieu to the Bruce about to embark en �Mechanic�s
own� for Californy.
  6. Monday.	Through a dismal rainy morning to
New York.   Talk by the way with a poor fellow from Scot-
land.	 Had thirty shillings a week there, at his trade, here
could get nothing to do.     He was about applying in answer
to an advertisement for volunteers for the overland route to Cali-
fornia. /	At Appletons. Proved a true publisher � 6 dollars
for drawing worth 10 �  �Needs must, when �� The proverb�s
somewhat musty.	To Childs for wood block.	In the
afternoon the boys brought me letters from England, wherefore I mark
this day with a while stone. One from my Mother, one from
Naomi, and one from my own dear Mary.	My heart was
full, and ran over from my eyes at them.
  7. Tuesday. Great talk at breakfast and dinner of the
�muss� yesterday.	Thus it was � a party of New Yorkers, 
fire-men militia, being over here dining, got insulted, or did in-
sult some Jerseyites.	Musket-discharging, stabbing with bayonet,
pugilistics and staring. Their Captain captured, and divers
folks wounded. The row I heard, and partly saw, during
yester-afternoon, from my window. /	Drawing all 
day, and finished Block No. 1. A bathe with George in
the evening. Very peculiarly nasty water, near the shore �               
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