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Text for Page 131 [06-26-1850]

              Cambride apparently a chaos of skeleton shanties in a marsh �
Subsequently a country road, and pleasant enough.	    Somehow I am
always happier when alone, than in every-day company.  I have higher,
quieter and purer thoughts, and no irksome irritability mars self-res-
pect.  /	   Cambridge, and its colleges.  Talk with a young student
(yclept Curtis) while standing at the entrance of one of the buildings.     Of
English Oxford, of American Politics and thereanent.	I think many
a young American, must look back with pleasant thoughts to quiet days of study
passed in this same University of Cambridge, when in the thick of the go-
ahead, and material life, all rarely avoid plunging into.
  27. Thursday.  Breakfast over, re-trode my last nights walk, and
some two or three miles further, over hot dusty, quiet roads and lane, tree-
shade above, and the sweet scent of new-mown hay on the air.    Arrived
at Mount Auburn Cemetery, and two solemn, peaceful, healthful hours
there.   It is larger; and of more pretensions then Laurel Hill; � as
beautiful, yet to my thinking, not more so.  Hill and declivity, buzzing
of summer insects, trees throwing a sunlight-chequered shade over quiet
burial places. (Yet the Schuylkill was wanting.)      Some queerly-simple
monuments � like Brobdignag dice set in order.     Byzantine-early-
english-no-style church with stained glass windows.   /	Rode back on
omnibus top.   Dinner, read, and doze.   Evening a ramble through
the city, across bridge, and to South Boston, and thereabout.
  28. Friday.  Making sketches for J B Hall�s �Fireman�s Book� all
the morning and afternoon.  A dull, dank day.  Out with them.
Evening a ramble through the city; returning, and having ticket for the               
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