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Text for Page 178 [12-02-1855]

  2.  Sunday.  To Brooklyn, and called on Swinton,
who, since leaving his ill-considered and disastrous farm en-
terprize in Jersey, has taken a house there, where he works
at his old craft.  (I thought a call might stimulate payment
of the remaining half of the money invested for him in illustrated
books when in London.)             He works for Leslie, Orr &c
and had something to tell me incidental of Alf Waud. Not
Orr, meeting him, (Swinton,) spoke of the husband and father
of Alf�s mistress being aware of his and her locality, � saying
that they had resolved to interfere no further � and that Brain-
ard purposed getting a divorce.       Also Swinton told the husband�s
version of the romantic-pursuit episode on the Jersey shore, �
by which it appears that Alf was chased for a mile or more,
and that Brainard drew a pistol on him, half compelling him
to go to Nat Orrs, at Bergen, as his suppostitious destination,
  To Parton�s after dinner.  With him and Haney in Wash
ington Square, on to Edwards for an hour in the evening.
To my room early, in order to write to Hannah.
  3.  Monday.  Mercantile Library.  Writing to Hannah
till 2 P.M.
  4. Tuesday.  Post Office.  Got some dozen resposes to
Tribune advertisement.     Made calls in answer, Parton doing
the like.    Mercantile.  Sol Eytinge and W. Waud up in the
afternoon.  Haney too, subsequently.        Name of the boarding
places decided on.    One I found, might, I think, have done,
but for it�s cheapness, � which, in conjunction with untidiness of
appearance � made Parton veto it.               
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