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Text for Page 179 [12-05-1855]

  5.  Wednesday.  Mercantile &c.   I have let Powell and
Abbott � (the leading spirits of a new attempt at a �comic� wire-pul-
ling paper � started with the intent to get money out of George
Law by putting him into the presidency,) have $8 worth of
cuts, on prospect of future payment.    Wurzbach engraves for
them, and they owe him some $60.     The paper�s a trashy
one, the cuts hitherto done by Rosenburgh � the �Jenkins� of
the Morning Post, in the days of Jerrold�s sarcasm.    He is
a drunken, land talking literary loafer.          I�ve looked into
this �Young Sam� office once or twie and seen the clique as-
sembled, and once, (wanting to see Powell about a book of
Willis�s needed in our Contemplation)   I found them in a
liquor saloon � old Powell looking hot and jaded, and the rest
bawling drunkenly in the rear.   What a horrid life �� ! Arnold
and Yewell up � the latter having returned some three weeks
from Iowa.   He�s had a prosperous time there, and purchased
land.  Designs, in conjunction with Arnold taking rooms at his
old Broadway place.                     In the evening I was at Parton�s,
occupied in sketching Colonel Forbes in divers attitudes for
illustrations to his book.     He is a character whom I must put
down at leisure, anon.
  6. Thursday.  First Edward Greatbatch, and then his
mother and father up.    The latter being in New York both
to receive the $2000 accruing from his mother�s legacy, and
if possible to settle matters with Alcock about farm &c.   They
(Mr G, and Mary Anne) had to make many purchases, and
had them sent up in my room.     I to the Mercantile, passing               
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