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Text for Page 180 [12-06-1855]

Parton and �Fanny Fern �� (who has just produced another
of her bad-hearted books) by the way.          With Edward
Greatbatch to the gallery of the Lyceum at night, and made
him up a bed subsequently.
  7.  Friday.  Mercantile, and drawing little military figures,
for Colonel Forbes.  Mr Greatbatch, Mary Anne and Fred
in and out all day, with purchasings.    Banks up, with
an invitation to sup with him and Maungwoodows an Ojibway
chief, one of a company (with whom Bank�s travelled in Pen-
nsylvania.)    He, the Chief, was educated, for an Indian,
had travelled in Europe with Catlin, and was not very ill-
looking. He was tall, and of good figure, seemed good-humo-
red, and Epicureanly disposed � on which grounds Banks
and he could sympathize.      The Indian had too, two large
silver medals, with medallions of the two recent Presidents on
them.  (A gold one, presented by Louis Philippe he had pawn-
ed.)             Fred Greatbatch my companion to-night, having
with his father, visited Burton�s.
  8. Saturday.  Ill. a violent diarrhea.  Much bustle in
my room, rolls of carpet, looking glasses and live rabbits.
Mary Anne, Mr G and Fred in and out. Colonel Forbes
up, I queer, and being doctored with brandy by Mary Anne.
And at 2 or so, quite a scene, Mr G coming from a confe-
rence with Alcock, Halker (Alcock�s lawyer and brother-in-law)
with word that the settlement of affairs has been broken off abruptly.
Thus the matter stands.   On the burning down of the house,
Alcock put up a much superior one, the determination being carried               
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