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Text for Page 132 [06-28-1850]

              �Odean� offered me by the landlord son �Bill�, accepted it and went
there.   Trashy, farce lecture, a dance, and �New York as it is.�
Verily, of all the ill-hung-together stupidities ever displayed to set on
a quantity of barren spectators to laugh these pieces are the trashiest.
What would not Dicken�s have made of the richly original character of
the New York B�hoy, had it fallen into his hands; � in place of such
crude vulgarisms now applauded to the echo.     The best B�hoy type I
have met in books, is, I think, in one of Philadelphia Lyyards [words crossed out]
melo-drame novels, �Jonesey the Biler�. [words crossed out]
[line crossed out].
  29. Saturday.  To J B Halls with drawings � he out.  A ramble
about the quays, then called again, and again unsuccessfully.   After
dinner found him � a certain Mr Manning (artist there.)   Back
, read &c.     At night, out with a Mr Snow, whose acquaintance
I made in the bar-room below, � one of the stock-holders in the
late Cuba affair.	My Cambridge University acquaintance Curtis
called this morning.
  30. Sunday.   To the Seaman�s Bethel Church, where I heard
the Mr Taylor, (Dickens-described in American Notes,) preach.   A
clumsy looking outside building, with blue-flag flying from the roof.
Inside the body of the church assigned by seamen, side pews, women &c
Half pulpit, half-rostrum, and sort of fresco-painted altar piece,
representing a ship on a stormy sea.	   The Preacher appearing
gave out a hymn, in a short, jerking unstudied manner.               
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