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Text for Page 182 [12-13-1855]

memories and faces throng about me, I think of
school-days, of boy-love, of my mothers face � and that
it�s enduring has come at last to � madness.       I�ve again
had to rush out, and seek company, to sit in the dreary
Picayune Office with Haney, who is kindly disposed.   A
weary time �.    Shall I ever forget it?                  Very
little things set me in a state of nervous excitement which
is perfectly indescribable.  During the rain storm of Sunday
one of the Venetian blinds outside my window was dashed into
the street below, also smashing a window in the concussion. This
on the following day, I intimated to the odious Jew who [word crossed out]
leases the premises, that it might be repaired, (� the pane of
glass replaced.)   After some growling he promised it, did no-
thing for a day, and on the following morning burst into my
room with his jackal at his heels, commencing in a bullying tone
�It�s too bad Mr Gunn that your�e so feeble you can�t
��� !� I�d been sitting in a wretched state of mind, and at
the insult leapt up, overturned chair (smashing the top of it)
and made as if I was about to attack the bulky coward, who
retreating, half tumbled over one of the boxes, while the his
companion was out on the staircase in a moment.   I then
set upon the door and ordered Myers out � and he went.
For half the day subsequently I trembled all over.           A
letter from Alf Waud, commencing with a domestic picture of 
himself and �wife�, by lamp light.       Bellew having called upon
him in Boston, (to give information about the feasibility of
obtaining divorce,)  I on meeting him at the Picayune Office,               
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