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Text for Page 184 [12-15-1855]

They are glad I came home to see him ���
  Drawing, or trying to do so, with Abbott up once or twice.
Down town once.   To Bleecker Street, with Sol and W
Waud in the evening, and despite mud, mist, rain and sore
throat, out again and walked to the region east of the Bow
ery, there to get an order for $9 (paid me by Abbott) cashed.
Succeeding, to my desolate Duane Street den, to carry away
necessaries, and then, leaving the clock ticking on in its wanted
monotony, and the dull red walls of Stewart�s staring forbidding
into the litte room where I have sat so many weary evenings,
� by omnibus to Bleecker Street.           /    Three days ago,
I thought of boarding with Wurzbach, on his laudation
of the place; and accompanied him to supper, to look at it.
Twas one of the houses occupied by Holt, where I boarded
five years ago.    I went up the familiar stairs, saw the
room I had occupied, � where Joe, Hart, Dillon and so many
others had lived, and the place seemed ghostly with memory.
Scarcely anything would bribe me to go there, � t�would be getting
back again to the struggles and discomforting thoughts of time
past.      /
  16. Sunday.   A dull rainy one.  In the basement,
with Sol, W. W. and Haney.    Drawing on wood, painfully.
Levison wanders in and out, in a rusty colored dressing gown,
being much be-rated, reviled and insulted in a three parts earnest,
one part jocular manner.            I ill again, after the old nervous,
head aching, tremulous, despondent fashion in the afternoon, but mana-
ged to resist the hysteric crisis.               Parton came in the evening.               
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