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Text for Page 186 [12-19-1855]

throat � but �I see Land� and shall get better.      Returning
sat till 12, while Haney was writing up Picayune notices,
and then to bed.
  20.  Thursday.  Wurzbach�s sister sitting in his office.
An amiable faced girl, in black.       Wrote to Mr Greatbatch
in reply to a note received from him.      He and family are, at
present at Philadelphia, where they invite me to join them.   The
boisterous Banks and O�Mana up awhile, and presently
Paterfamilious Edwards, who having an idle day, proposed a long
walk.   Promised to join him anon, then down town, to Post Office
&c.   Met Kelly.   Returned by omnibus up town, to Edwards�
and with him and his son for a walk up one of the Avenues,
returning by car.
  21.  Friday.   At my office, packing up and doing things
preparatory to moving, the room ice cold.   Powell & Abbott up.
A row with the former.          Sol & W. W. in Wurzback�s
room.    Dined together at Homers.        Moved things with car
and carman up town.  Bitter cold weather.    Evening writing.
A letter from Boutcher.
  22. Saturday.   Down town, to my old room and else-
where, returning to dinner.     Letter writing the rest of the
day, to my mother.
  23. Sunday.  Hobokenizing with Sol and W Waud all
the morning.   Letter writing, getting the arrears of correspondence
lessened.   To Greatbatch, and Barth.
  24.  Monday.  Down town; letters and in the evening, the
Opera; present while Sol and Waud played billiards afterwards.               
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