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Text for Page 189 [12-27-1855]

store in Philadelphia.        Colonel Forbes in at the basement,
and much ado �twixt him and Sol anent drawings.       At
work on a big cut for Abbott, at night.
  28.  Friday.   In doors drawing all day.   Abbbott up
at night.  Got $4 of him, and a promise (!) of $10 to-
  29.  Saturday.  To Strongs with two drawings, to the
Post Office, �Young Sam�s�, Wurzbach�s, my old room &c, through
the fast falling snow.   Return to dinner, and then, (like an
ass,) depending on Abbott�s promise, down to Chamber Street
again.   But the �principal� was �not in �, only Powell junior
with three dreary youngish men, in a very unwholesome atmosphere,
and sitting around the stove.    I sat awhile, and listened to un-
grammatical and demi-obscene talk; till Arnold came in,
spake with him awhile, and then we walked up-town together
through the snow flakes.
  30. Sunday.  Turned out, the morning being sunny,
and the people busily scraping the pavements fronting their houses.
Called at Abbott�s private residence, and with him down Broad-
way to Wurzback�s.   Returning called on Banks and
Whitelaw, the latter recieving me, I thought churlishly.
In doors, in our basement the rest of the day, mostly writing.
Sol attempting an oil sketch of himself, and failing, in conse-
quence of a lazy dislike to get up and procure other colors than
those to his hand, W Waud reading, Haney trying writing,
and Wood present, as he has been considerally of late.
Sol is a handsome fellow, with a bold aquiline nose, and bright               
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