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Text for Page 190 [12-30-1855]

brown hair, tall withal, and prone to dress well.  He
has great talent with his pencil, but is over addicted to loafing,
and has fits of the blues.    I think him a sensitive and
kind hearted fellow, and his humors and queer speeches are
infinitely amusing.     His ordinary speech is overmuch garnish-
ed with oaths, �bloody�s� and �blasts�, and even uglier expressions,
in which he is emulated by W Waud, who has assumed a
sort of ruffianism of dialect, insomuch that his very tone of
voice is unpleasantly defiant.           But Sol is infinitely the
better fellow.
  31.  Monday.  To Abbott�s, Chamber Street, and from
thence with young Powell to Pearl Street by Wall, there to get
a case of a dozen of �Charles� Gin�, that being proposed to me,
by way of paying $8 of the sum owing from �Young Sam�.
Got an order on a Broadway place, and to it, calling at
Strong�s, (and getting my two drawings returned. �)  At Wurz 
bach�s awhile, then getting gin, into a big sleigh omnibus, and 
returned to dinner and 132 Bleecker, from which I have
not again stirred out.               
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