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Text for Page 133 [06-30-1850]

              Then an extemporary prayer � another hymn, then sermon.  He
did not pace about with the Bible under his arm, (as described
in Dickens� book � I hope that description hasn�t broke him of the 
habit;) but he rapped the book, strode up and down, and used sea-
terms in a quaint energetic way.    Speaking of our ignorance of
a Future state of being.   �Well then!  What do you want them to peep
and pry, look round the corner for?   Eh? Hasn�t God given you
enough?   More than enough!   He keeps pouring on, pouring on �
There�s not one crevice in the store room, but is filled up chock,
block and belay with God�s goodness!�	And again �It�s the
law that those who won�t work shan�t Eat.    Shan�t!   Not but
there�s some who do eat without working, � but they do it against
law � theyre thieves � scoundrels, rascals!      And Beloved
they�ll be tried for it: yes!   They will!� 	/	This
man, is I am sure calculated to do much good among those who are
his hearers, and whose spiritual welfare he has earnestly at heart. /
Evening another Roxbury walk, countless stars pinnacling the cano-
py above.
  1. Monday.  To J B Halls, where after waiting some time he
came.  Promised to send the blocks round � and didn�t do it.  In
the afternoon Mr Sampson called, about making drawing for back
of book-cover.       Evening, brief walk, rain driving me in doors,               
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