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Text for Page 193 [01-05-1856]

  5. Saturday.     Down town with letters &c, then to the
Mercantile, finished six page article on �Punch� for
our compilation book, and with it to Partons.    Met him at
the door, gave it him, then to Bleecker St.   This morning
a heavy and continuous snow storm set in, far excee-
ding anything I have yet seen.  All the rest of the day and
night it lasted, and a wild night it proved.
  6. Sunday.  New York a half buried city, areas full,
windows half hidden, carts covered and streets impassable.
Out in the afternoon for walk.  To Banks.  With him
to old office, then back to supper, and then together to O�
Mana�s (or Montgomery�s) as he now wills to be designated.)
I not well.
  7.  Monday.  In doors all day writing.  Sol returning
from down town tells that Parton is married to �Fanny
Fern.�  It occurred on Saturday afternoon or evening.
Wurzbach up, at night, with a drawing on wood from Alf
Waud to take to Leslie, and note.
  8.  Tuesday.   Wrote a note to Swinton requesting him
to cash up balance for books, due last August.         To
Leslie�s & saw Hitchcock.  To Post Office.   Met Sol.
Up town wards together.   Looked in at �Young Sam� office,
parted in Broadway at Wileys.           I took bath at Canal
Street, then Bleecker.        Down town again in the evening,
to old room to fetch chair.  Streets Arctic.   Sleighseverywhere.
Looked in at Whitelaws.          Arnold and Yewel in our
basement on my return.               
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