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Text for Page 194 [01-09-1856]

  9. Wednesday.   To Leslie�s again.  Returning, and
to writing �Phisiology.�    A Letter from Philadelphia.
In the evening to the Delancy House, corner of Broad-
way and Waverly Place, there to visit Parton and his
wife, in accordance with an invitation I had through Haney.
The night was piercingly cold, my mustache all ice hidden
in five seconds after my stepping forth.  The snow carni-
val in operation, and sleigh bells jingling along Broadway.
The apartments occupied by the newly wed pair are at the 
top of the hotel, four stories up.    She resided there before;
he has quitted his old Waverly Place room.      The hotel is
a stylish one, servants about on the landing places, gas and
warmth every where.        I found the company � consisting of
Mr and Mrs P, a daughter of the latter�s, Colonel Forbes,
and Haney (who had preceded me by half an hour,) assembled
in a neatly furnished room, with new desk, sofa, a rocking
chair or so, and adjoining it an alcove where was a bed. We
soon however adjourned into another room, more luxuriously
fitted up.  A neat open stove wherein a fire was blazing
bonnily kept up a pleastant warmth, there were oil portraits
(I guess of �Fanny�s� two children,) and everything was very
snug and tasty.               And now to pay respects to the goddess
herself after describing the shrine.        Haney sat at her right
side, on the sofa, I in easy chair at her left, Parton
near me, and Forbes, in his plain gray suit, and look
of a true gentleman-aristocrat-republican-soldier, opposite.
�Fanny Fern� is, I suppose, upwards of 35, has fairish               
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