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Text for Page 197 [01-19-1856]

having abandoned his share of the attic, I have it all now,
and a small stove.           �Tis spacious enough, half the roof
sloping, and looks west and south over the city, and by
nights the wind is grue-some to hear.           Have had divers
journeys to make to Preterre the Bowery dentist, to get
teeth stopped, and experience an intense tic-doloreux like
pain in them and jaws.       Greatbatch writes, and I an-
swer, forwarding him letters and papers.  Visited Parton
and his wife on evening when in low spirits. They were
very kind to me.  Called on Bellew one evening at his cham
ber in Broadway, opposite the Saint Nicholas Hotel. Had
another letter from Alf Waud and from Barth (who
has been sick.)    Wrote to Hannah.     Visited the �Orni-
thorincus Paradoxus� as they�ve christened widow New-
man�s Spring Street establishment, and on Saturday
night there was quite a jovial party assembled there.  I
brought Arnold and Yewel, who had paid me a visit.
Banks, Bellew, De Waldron, Abbott and some half
dozen others present, and did not break up till 1.  Wed-
nesday and Thursday were my wretched days, on the 
subsequent ones I took Hoboken and up-avenue walks
of some six or eight miles each morning.        Sol has
returned to Brown the lithographer, and save  in the 
evening, the basement is deserted.
  20.  Sunday.  Writing for compilation book.   To 
Parton�s and had an agreable evening with him and wife.
  21. Monday.  Hoboken walk.   Drawing and writing               
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