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Text for Page 198 [01-21-1856]

on return, pretty successfully.
  22.  Tuesday.   Tried to draw without a walk, got
nervous and made a failure.  Down town with yesterday�s
drawing to Strongs.   Back to dinner.  Writing, hard.
Boarding House Physiology.
  23.  Wednesday.  To Young Sam Office.  Powell,
Abbott and Rosenburg there.  Out with them.  Called in
at Florence�s and saw Scoville.  Was introduced to his
wife, a tall, dark haired young woman, (and child.) He
talking of paper projects for an hour or more.  Back
and to writing.  Have done five Chapters of Boarding-
House Physiology.
  24. Thursday. Down town for a walk to Fowler
and Wells, back to writing and so on till late at night.
Had a letter from Heylyn. (Doing nothing.)
  25.  Friday.  Down town.   Fowler &c, �Young Sam�s�
Post Office, Strongs and Greatbatchs papers &c.   Return
to writing.   Evening to hear Chapin�s lecture on �Practical
Life� at his Church, with Levison.              I find I�ve
only put down the dirty side of the man�s nature, after
all.    He has been doing a good action.    There�s one,
Douglas Jerreld, son to the writer in �Punch�, who
has been of late in New York, having come hither from
Canada, where he had a comissirat office, which he threw
up, anticipating he might be sent to the Crimea.  I 
suppose he expected to get a living by literature, partly
on the reputation of �the governer�s� reputation.   Levison               
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