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Text for Page 199 [01-25-1856]

became acquaintance with him through Bellew.     Well, this
minor Jerrold having offered various plays to different
managers, sold a story to Levison for $25, and
half contracted with a publisher to get out a book about
London writers, yesterday bolted to Nicaragua, leaving
his wife behind, without a cent in the world, and res-
ponsible for some $60 at the lodging house, where they
had stopped at.     Bellew abetted the business, helping him
with money, which he got, in advance from Levison.   The
woman is said to be tall and respectable, her husband
moody, sulky, and the match an ill-considered one.
This day the comes crying to Levisons office, and he
has been playing the part of Good Samaritan, relieving her
with some little monies, and getting up a subscription.
His conduct, (though stimulated by a little self flattery)
shows out well in contrast with that of his hateful wife.
At supper table we had quite a scene on the topic! Mrs
L talked as only a small minded, rancourous woman can
about the unhappy wife.  �It must be her fault.  She
didn�t believe she was married to the man.     Before she
would care about a man who deserted her, when she could
get another man to walk with her � !� �She ought to
be kicked !� with much more of the like hate for 
wretchedness.        The argument quite reached the personal.
      /     Dropped into Banks, where I found Yewel, and
Montgomery comic presently.
  26. Saturday.  To Strongs and � got my drawing re-               
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