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Text for Page 200 [01-26-1856]

turned as not wanted.       Eheu! is it because not good
enough or because I have done a drawing or so for �Young
Sam� his rival.            Met Moore, (�Times� man and
friend of Welden), took him to the �Ornithorincus.� Wri-
ting till 8.      Looked in at Parton�s new quarters
the Waverly House, lower down on Broadway.      To
the Ornithorincus.     Banks, Wurzbach, the Arnolds,
Yewel and others there.     Singing and bacchanilization.
(Bellew off to Boston, after the Jerrold escapade.)    Haney
and Sol Eytinge came for awhile.  De Waldron and
others.      O�Brien too, who sang parts of a parody on
the Fra Diavolo our �See on yonder rock reclining� � touching
the Ornithorincus.         Stayed till 1 �.
  27.  Sunday.   Went in the evening to the Waverly
House, and read Chapters of �Boarding house Physiology�
to Parton and his wife.    He criticized and she praised �
the latter good-natured, the former of value.        Out o�doors
the snow fell fast.          I went back to my room lonely, sad
and strange.
  28.  Monday. Writing up notes for compilation book after
a walk.  Ill.
  {29. Tuesday.       Walks. Writing (wearily.)  One evening
  30. Wednesday.       at Partons. �Young Sam�.     Ill,
  31. Thuesday.}       tic-dolorean pain in teeth and jaws, con-
tinuous head-aches, and diarrhea.   Most miserable and
lonely.            Only one glimpse of hope.    Fowler told me on
paying the $20 for Paris letters, that they would take other               
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