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Text for Page 201 [01-31-1856]

              contributions.   I struck across Broadway into a quiet street
and thanked God for it with all my heart.
  {1. Friday.       A Hoboken walk in the deep snow.
  2. Saturday.}       Down town about Greatbatch�s papers.
Writing, but slowly and painfully.   Ill in body and mind.
Met the kindly Englishman Webb, Welden�s acquaintance
once.   To Montgomery�s one evening.   To the Ornithorincus
on Saturday night.     Gaylor, O�Brien, the Arnolds, Yewel
and others there.    To Edwards� one evening.
  3. Sunday.  In doors writing till night.    Called at
the Waverly, saw Parton, his wife indisposed and did
not appear.         When I first entered the room �Fanny�s�
two children were there, and the younger with an �How do you do
Mr Gunn?� put her arms round my neck and gave me
an unsolicited kiss.   God bless the child for it.
  I was very sad and ill before going out this night.  I went
up to my lonely room and prayed.
  4. Monday.   Revising Mammoth Cave article, written
at home, to take to Fowler & Welles.  It took all the
morning.      A letter from my mother and Rosa.   There
are home details in it which set me thinking more sadly still,
yet it should not be so.       To Fowlers.   Ice cold wind
blowing.   To �Young Sam� and Abbott.     They owe me money
� $18, and play fast and loose about it.         Writing at
night.        I think not harshly of Levison now, � the man has               
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