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Text for Page 202 [02-04-1856]

his flaws, but is not so bad.
  5.  Tuesday.  Battery walk with young Roslyn
Gill, a boy, staying at this boarding house.    He has lived
in California and Central America, and looks forward
to visit the latter again in the forthcoming month.    His
mother is a handsomish, coquettish Englishwoman, who has
been twice wed, and is again a widow.   She don�t board
here.                  Divers calls, then back to writing, and thus
till late at night.  Wrote to Greatbatch
  6. Wednesday.  To the Post Office.  Writing the rest
of the time.         A letter from home, � from my mother
and Rosa, �     Illish and despondent.
  7.  Thursday.  Snow falling fast.   Wrote letters to
Barth and Dillon.         At 8 or so, to the Waverly
house.    With Parton in his room, his wife being en dishabille
and invisible.    At his request I read over the Mammoth
Cave article, which he praised and rejected � as on a used-
up subject.
  8.  Friday. Down town, to the Post-Office, and re-
turned, to write.     Letters to Barth, Dillon &c
  9.  Saturday. Writing.   In the evening to the �Orni-
thorincus� taking with me one Pounden, a short, shrewdish,
opinionated, Irish born, German educated, young, down-town clerk,
boarding here.     It was nearly 10 when we arrived.  The
Arnolds, Yewel, Gaylor, Bellew, and some four or
five others had assembled, but not Banks.    He came in
presently, and anon others.   Sol Eytinge & Haney, O�Brien               
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