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Text for Page 203 [02-09-1856]

Watson the engraver and others.       There was a larger
circle than on any previous Saturday night, but the
evening was a decided failure.    Clique-ism in conversation,
and speeches marred it completely.     Dreary punning
in which unfortunate words were [word crossed out] made to run the
gauntlet or be stretched upon the rack, invidious calls
on folks to sing with half malicious intent to deride them,
stupid side-speeches, and dull boozing.       There were
too many present, and some who were too self important
to be good humored.               A letter from George Bolton.
  10  Sunday.  Bellew called in the basement.
I writing till evening.   Looked in at the Waverly,
but Parton & his wife were out, so to Edwards� &
had a pleasant hour there.  Haney present, and we walked
back together.            The Arnolds & Yewel visited
me just before going out.
  11.  Monday.  Writing.  Evening tried Parton�s.
Out again.   A walk and back to writing.
  12.  Tuesday.  Yesterday repeated, with the
addition of a violent diarrhea.      Saw Parton, and
then visited Montgomery at Franklin Street.   Called
at Abbotts.                        Have done 9 Chapters of Board-
ing House Physiology.
  13.  Wednesday.  A letter from Mr Greatbatch.
  14.  Thursday.   In doors till 5, then out, called
at Abbotts & Yewell�s, then to Parton�s, there spent
the evening.   She �Fanny Fern� talks very freely, telling               
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