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Text for Page 204 [02-14-1856]

all sorts of little domestic details, (and inventing some) about
her husband.
  15. Friday.   Writing, and very lonely.    Feeling a
sort of intimation of a return of old horrors, I rushed out
and took a walk to the Battery.  It was a wintry scene.
Boys skating, sledding, or sliding, ice and snow.   I think
it did me good, my troubled, agitated mind grew calmer,
and the cold, clear air didn�t seem unkindly.           Called
at Brown�s the lithographers, and walked up town tiwht
Haney.              My thirtieth Birthday.
  16. Saturday.   In doors.    Abbott up. Came to
conclusions with him, by intimating I should detain two
blocks, photograph�s and a money order (for what he owed
me)  till he cashed up.   Down town in the afternoon,
and with Haney, Sol & Brown to see the Winter�s Tale
at Burtons.   Very wretchedly played.      To the Ornitho-
rincus subsequently.        Ill.
  17.  A Sunday.   A walk up the Fifth Avenue.
Getting better during the rest of the day.     To Chapin�s
in the evening, and subsequently to the Edwards�.
  18.  Monday.  A walk.    Writing, or trying to all the
rest of the day.    A letter from Barth.   I have had
one from Alf on Saturday with much matter in it. He
is pursued again.        His �wife�s� father, mother &c in
Boston, on their track.   Chance aids him wondrously.  A
mysterious man presumed to be an officer comes and puts
up, or rather is desirous of doing so at Alf�s boarding-               
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