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Text for Page 205 [02-18-1856]

house, and spreads evil reports about him, � telling the
landlord that he�s living with another man�s wife.     Also
mysterious man, (who is supposed to be an officer or hired spy)
endeavours to persuade Alf to stop a day later or so than he
intended, � which he promises and clears out.     Takes �Mary�
to hotel where she hears talk of her mother and sister
being there, and of her father coming on from New York.
Alf moves her to Charlestown, where they now are.    He
is watched, and mysterious man has bribed young fellow,
son to boarding house people to track him � who tells Alf, 
and spends the money with him.    Thus it goes.  Alf
will be a father soon.
  19.  Tuesday.   An avenue walk and across to the
East River.   Bitter cold wind and blue sky.    My brain
apparently in a sort of troubled congestion.  Writing when I
got back, slowly, painfully, laboriously, miserably.
  20.  Wednesday.  Another bit of a walk and then to
the Astor Library, to do a little more for compilation book.
There till return for dinner.     Evening to Waverly House,
and saw Parton, not his wife, she indisposed.  Walked
to Franklin Street, called unsuccessfully at Montgomery�s,
then to Canal Street and saw little Dobson.   Just
the same little woman.     Talked of moving, (as she has
done any time this six years), and of people who owe her
money � Damoreau and Waud among �em.   Alf owes
her $50.          Getting Mason�s address from her I set
off and called on him finding him playing bluff with the               
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