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Text for Page 207 [02-21-1856]

Boutcher and kindly George Clarke.   Surprised in
the afternoon by a bit of a letter from my mother and
Naomi, about a little parcel sent for me through Wileys
the booksellers.       Kelly up too.
  22. Friday.     To Division Street, (on mistake)
to get bill for $18 cashed � given me by Abbott, but
didn�t find the man.    To Abbotts and saw him, and
others, politicians &c, champagne drinking.      Preparations
for militia parading.   The ice formed in an immense barricade
in the centre of the street.   Washingtons birthday.     To
room and Boarding House Physiology.   Wrote till 11 1/2.
  23.  Saturday.  Down town to Post Office, and calls
for Greatbatch�s papers &c.     Called at Abbotts and
Wileys.    They suppose the parcel may be in the �Pacific�
of which vessel no tidings have been heard for an ominous 
time.       To room and writing.
  24. Sunday.   In doors, with the exception of a rapid
forenoon�s walk, calling first at Banks, unsuccessfully,
then at Montgomery�s.        A most unlucky, un-knowable
fellow is Banks.   He has now quarreled with, and been
cut by Montgomery.              In the evening to hear Chapin
  25. Monday.  Down town, to tailors for trouser
reparation and Catherine Street with Abbotts bill.     Met
little Davis the sailor carver and gilder.  He is
in business in New York, and thrives.         Writing.
26.	Tuesday.  Down town once.   Writing.               
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