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Text for Page 210 [02-27-1856]

They�ve organized a club, and pay for room.  I�m out
of it, and of my own doing.         Banks had the impu-
dence to put my name down unauthorized � I veto�d it.
Well do I recollect the dreary Lantern club, and am
nowise willing to be an admiring worshipper of bad punsters,
to drink more Lager than I care for, to pay for a
room I don�t want, and to waste good wholesome Satur-
day evenings.
  28. Thursday.  Made sketch for book title, being
requested by Levison, took it down town, went to Post
Office, to Catherine Street and to Abbotts.      Welden
came in afternoon, stayed two hours.       Evening with
Haney in an unsuccessful call at Partons, then to Ed-
  29.  Friday.  Blazing away all day at my
book.  I am making good progress.  Have done fifteen
chapters.   Hope comparative health and pluck won�t
break down again.     Bellew called in the evening.
He seems amiable � that�s the adjective for him.  Oh

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