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Text for Page 211 [03-01-1856]

  1 Saturday.  Speeding down town about divers
matters met �Fanny Fern�, who stopped and talked
awhile with me.   She paints.    To Post Office, Picayune,
tailors & hatter�s &c, (Levison having proposed to
me to take certain clothing for drawings to be done.)  Met
little Hilliard in the hat-shop.     Return through a
snow sprinkling, to writing the rest of the day.    Haney
and Sol out for a bit at the Ornithorincus and report it
to be dreary � (settling up for room.)
  2  Sunday.   In doors til evening, mud, slush,
drizzle and thaw out o�doors, I head-achy, but wri-
ting within.     Bellew up in the morning.      Poundon
and Rawson Gill in the afternoon.   Levison up, too, 
occasionally.      Turned out at night and called at
the Waverly and saw Parton.   Talk of our Book
for half an hour, then left.   A brisk walk through
the cold, windy night up to Union Square, and down
to the St Nicholas.
  3.  Monday.  Made little drawing on wood for Pica-
yune, took it down, calling in at Fowler and Wells &c
by the way.   Returning to the defunct Young Sam of-
fice, saw Porter and Abbot.  Both refused payment of
the accepted draft, drawn by the latter accepted by the former.
To room, and writing till 12 �.     Blazing away.
Did a whole chapter.       A letter from Mr Greatbatch.
4.	Tuesday.   To the Jefferson Market Court, and               
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