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Text for Page 212 [03-04-1856]

took out summons for Porter touching the $18.     To
the Mercantile Library for book, then down Broadway
to Yewell and Arnolds.    They speak of Stone being
about to be married to a Catskill girl.  Of his �joining
the Church� I had heard before.       O�Brien drops in
to see them, they say.                 To dinner, and writing,
hard.       A letter from Hannah, may God bless
her for it.               Did another chapter ere going to
bed.     It has been a wild night out of doors, one of
the stormiest conceivable, but as I write, it appears to 
have partially over-blown itself, though the wind blows with
a dull hollow, unquiet clamor, awesome to listen to.
Boy Rawson (who has been up-river to his mother�s
house for all yester and part of today)  goes for Nicara-
gua in a week or so, and has just retired to his, and
Poundon�s adjoining bed room.       There will be wrecks
on the coast this night, as I guess.             Now to
a general wash, another perusal of mine own dear girl�s
letter, and bed by midnight.            Dear God, I thank
thee with all my soul for letter health and spirits!
  A letter from Dillon this morning.  And Kelly
visited me yesterday � from whom I learnt of the death
of Mrs Holt.
  5.  Wednesday .   Visited Davis at his shop,
a small low-roofed one on the east side of Broadway
in one of those streets which the extension of Canal is
improving from the face of New York.  Then, leaving               
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