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Text for Page 214 [03-08-1856]

at night or rather morning.
  9.  Sunday.  A swift, cold, early walk. Win-
ter back again.    Looked in at Montgomery�s, out
with him, then called on Banks, and presently
together to the Ornithorincus, where, in the upper
room, we found Wood.     (Banks talked to me
much against Montgomery, suspecting �a man who went
under three names�  &c &c.  )                  To dinner
and some writing.        Poundon looked in, as wont, at
night, and made me confidante of all his affairs.
  10.  Monday.  Writing, & made a drawing for
Levison, taking it down town.     Little relapse out
of health.  In doors the rest of the day, and in
the evening. with Sol & Haney, in at Levison�s
room, drinking.     Haney & Levison are partners
in a new enterprise on the �Yankee Notions� plan.
I�m to draw for it � for which I care little.  Have
done 10 Boarding house Chapters.
  11. Tuesday.    A lengthy letter from Alf.  Pur-
suers at fault, at present.    Damoreau�s wife has
a baby � a boy.       Down town.  Saw Clarence Ey-
tinge, and heard of his voyage .   The roughest of
possible weather, all but shipwreck, vessel drove to
Madeira, and there condemned.    He and his brother
went to Southampton, then London, where they put up
at the London Coffee house, and Clare had a week�s
sightseeing.     He called at the Waud�s under the im-               
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